Mail Art exhibition ‘Let’s Do Shakespeare!’

The second Droitwich Mail Art exhibition is opened! The theme was to celebrate 400 years of Shakespeare’s death, but also his plays, characters, life in Tudor times, theatre, tragedy and comedy.
The response from the artist was great. 69 artists and 90 artworks on the exhibition which is much more than last year. Some of you have taken a part in the last year’s exhibition ‘Connection is Made…’ and I am happy to receive your artwork this year too. I am also glad we have some new artists involved. Even two little Droitwich schoolgirls (Ruth and Jessica) sent us their mail art – I believe they are the future of the mail art community. Several entries arrived too late to be the part of the exhibition, but they are included on the website.

 The selection was so exciting in its diversity in approach to the theme, interpretation and techniques.
Tamara Jelaca 'Hollywood Loves Shakespeare'

Tamara Jelaca ‘Hollywood Loves Shakespeare’

This year, the exhibition is organised in The Meetbox, local pop-up gallery and the art centre. I am grateful to Droitwich Arts Network and Canal Side Studios for their support.
Tamara Jelača
Albina Dealessi (Italy), Alexander Limarev (Russia), Anja Mattila-Tolvanen (Finland),Anna Karina Fries (Germany), Antonia Mayol Castello (Spain), Bar Cam (Italy),Bilgehan Gültekin (Turkey), Bob Addy (UK), Bruno Chiarlone (Italy), Cindy Williams(UK), Claudia Rüdiger (Germany), Cynthia Morrison (USA), Dalila Avram (Serbia),Daniel De Culla (Spain), Danko Djurić(Serbia), Deborah Dendler (USA), Dorian Ribas Marinho (Brazil), Elena Signori (France), Elif Yildiz (Turkey), Elisa Battistella (Italy),Eni Ilis (Brazil), Graciela Bello (Argentina), HannahHoch Fan Club (Canada), Horst Tress (Germany), Ivana Ferraro (Italy), Jade Herriman (Australia), Janine Kucharczyk(France), Jaromir Svozilik (Norway), Jerzy Stepniak (Poland), Jessica/5 yrs (UK), Jina Wallwork (UK), John S. Cumming (UK), Katarzyna Jagodzinska (Poland), Katerina Nikoltsou (Greece), Klaus Pinter (Austria), Lidija Vujović (Serbia), Lourdes Martinez(Mexico), M. Blencher (France), Marina Salmaso (Denmark), Martine Guillet-Lhermite/Sottomar (France), Miroslav Batan Blagojević (Serbia), Miroslav Munižaba(Serbia), Monika Mori (Austria), Mzia Valerian (Belgium), Nataša Marinković-Petrić (Serbia), Nicolas Cavuoto (France), Osvaldo Morales Barraza (Chile), Pedro Bericat/Mute Sound (Spain), Peter Prinsep (UK), Piotr Pandyra (Poland), Predrag Kovačić (Serbia), Raquel Gociol (Argentina), Reinhard Ploetz (Germany), Riley McKinney (USA), Roberto Scala (Italy), Ruth/10 yrs (UK), Ruud Janssen (Netherlands),Ryosuke Cohen (Japan), Silvano Pertone (Italy), Simon Warren (Italy), Snappy(Canada), Snežana Nena Skoko (Serbia), Stephen Evans (UK), Tamara Jelača(Serbia/UK), Tiziana Baracchi (Italy), Tofu (USA), Tuba Gültekin (Turkey), Veebee Vanberg (USA), Wolfgang Kraus (Germany).
Artists who are on the website, but they mail art arrived too late to be part of the exhibition:
Marzia Maria Braglia (Italy), Serse Luigetti (Italy).