Artist statement

Artist statement

The art of embroidery was for a long time on margins of the art world and was often considered an inferior art medium. Typically female pastime, as expected, charming and close to kitsch; nice to put on the table beneath the bowl of fruits or be the wall decoration in the grandmother’s room. The embroidered cushions are not bad either.

Luckily, the times have changed.

Embroidery for me is a kind of meditation. The process is slow, the drawing is showing up slowly. I love the fact that I can touch and feel the line. Each line gives me enough time to think and discover what the process itself means to me. Oddly enough, at the same time, my embroidery is fast. It is a picture of my thoughts that develops slowly on a piece of fabric. Each finished piece is for me the revelation and tangible moment of my personal history.

I am also interested in history, real life stories, people, known and unknown, who marked their way in the past.

My expression is simple and direct. The black line is thin, irregular and often fragile, as my thoughts and emotions are sometimes fragile and imperfect. But the message is clear. Each viewer sees and interprets it in its own way. In this sense, my works are pamphlets, the proclamations about what I am currently thinking of and what I want to share with others.