Home/Installation (2015)

The Courtyard, Herefordshire’s Centre of the Arts

8 – 18 June 2015

Five artists have worked on the installation “Home” that ‘captures the intimate moment when hundreds of thousands of soldiers left their homes and when to join the troops for WWI’. The exhibiting space re-created a house hallway, and within it a moment that changed a life of many. It is the moment when lots of men and boys left their home to join the army. Many of them never came back and many came home changed forever. It is also a moment when they returned home and unite with their families.Was that a moment of pride and joy or a moment of sadness and melancholy?

I worked on the men’s raincoat. I loved the idea of coat as of another skin or shell that cover us and protect not only our body, but also the mind. I imagined a coat that keeps the memories of the soldier and it is his legacy. I wanted to capture the moment when an innocent boy left the home, with the joy to serve his country, with the memories of everything he loves and hoped for, knowing his fears and, finally, disappointment.

Participating artists: Wendy Oliver, Jack Nelson, Moira Grafen-Campbell, Gareth Evans, Tamara Jelača