The selection of my art embroideries

Here is the selection of my art embroideries that are made mostly in techniques of stitching, with a little help of acyilic paint, natural dyes (such as tea, coffee or different vegetables) and textile paint.

IMG 9194

Ring if you dare (sold)

IMG 9207

Mystery Solved (sold)

izlozba i resto 047

Life expectancy ? years

My expression is quite simple and direct. I like to see the embroidered lines flow over the fabric clearly and strongly and I like to deliver my message to everyone to understand. However, I don’t attempt to dictate the meaning of the work and the message can be understood in different ways, depending of the viewer.

izlozba i resto 056

I’m not crying – it’s raining

izlozba i resto 071

Brains are drained

Picture 009

Holy Fly

Picture 020

Friends for later

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