‘Faceless’ solo exhibition at Number 8

Finally! After a long period of turning my life pretty much upside down, I am about to set up my first solo exhibition after 7 years. My last exhibition was opened in 2011 in Belgrade (Dom Omladine gallery) and now it really seems like ages ago. The ideas and the style of my new set of embroideries are very much different now. The drawing style is more detailed, colours are present much more than in my previous work and, in some pieces, I’m using painting canvas instead of my ‘traditional’ calico. 

‘Faceless’ portraits of real and imagined people from all walks of life are challenging our perception. The public is invited to play and replace obvious conclusions with some alternatives or invent the different backgrounds behind the portraits. Does lack of facial features give us more freedom to understand people or it limits us in our ability to know each other better?

Every girl wants a Superman

The exhibition will be opened from 15 February until 7 March 2018 in Number 8 gallery in Pershore, 8 High Street,  WR10 1BG  

Join me in The Foyer discussing my work and the pieces featured in the ‘Faceless’ exhibition on Thursday 22 February 2018 at 7 pm.